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Superior Products Europe is always looking to find the most effective solution for unique problems in niche markets. We are continuously searching for “best in class” and we are determined to offer you a reliable, long-term solution tailored to your needs.


Superior Products Europe does not just offer you coatings, we offer your solutions, advice and guidance to help you address your specific problem correctly the first time around. Take a brief look at some of our other products and then feel free to contact us with the details of your problem and we will help you each step of the way.



SUPER THERM FABRIC is a water-borne combination of high-performance elasto-meric acrylics, and resin additives which produces a flexible coating film. Designed for application directly to fabric or coated onto thread prior to weaving, SUPER THERM FABRIC contains 4 unique ceramics to block up to 95% of Solar Heat due to Visual Light, Ultra Violet (UV), and Infrared (IR). SUPER THERM FABRIC can be applied by spray cutter bar or dipping. Manufacturing processes are established according to needs for applying the coating to the threads or finished cloth.



Rub Sleeve used in Chlor Test

CHLOR*TEST - the new way to perform field testing


CHLOR*TEST is so complete and easy to use that even the least experienced inspector can get accurate results. Imagine, a field test that is easy to use, yet more reliable than any other method of testing.


CHLOR*TEST was developed for ease of use and to prevent outside and cross contamination. The components are premeasured to ensure accurate results in parts per million and micrograms per square centimetre. In addition, no temperature correction is needed for 5°C to 80°C. F. Field test inspectors around the world will use this innovative product with confidence on virtually any surface at any angle.


The CHLOR*TEST uses a unique patented extract solution, CHLOR*EXTRACT™, to retrieve surface chloride contamination. In the field, this special extract enhances retrieval rates, thereby increasing accuracy. The greater the retrieval rate, the more accurate the test results. CHLOR*TEST is designed to be used on vertical, horizontal or overhead surfaces.



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