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The bitterness of 'Poor Quality' remains long after the sweetness of 'Low Price' is forgotten...

For the last few years the market has been plagued by inferior products that are ruining the reputation of insulation coatings by falsely promoting the capabilties of their "cheaper" coatings.


These different products cannot offer the long-lasting quality of our ceramics as they don't actually use ceramics, but they all make use of the same 3M hollow-beads and then simply give their "unique product" a different name and marketing approach. Their competitive edge lies in pricing strategies and marketing budgets, but in essence they are all offering the same solution … with one small glitch … the solution does not work! The hollow beads technology works to a certain extent but their ability to insulate is limited in time, temperature, and effectiveness. The hollow (or as stated in some cases "vacuum") spheres will absorb heat because they are hollow and full of air which can become warmer as heat absorbs into the shell of the hollow spheres. HOWEVER, everyone knows that once the hollow sphere loads the heat, it cannot unload the heat anymore and the spheres lose their affect. This is why if a coating is made with hollow spheres, it will load with heat over time and begin to deteriorate drastically in performance.


Moreover most of these companies use an elastomeric resin as one of their ingredients which conflicts with the hollow beads. The hollow spheres are overloaded into the coating to the extent that when you open the pail, you have to stir the spheres back into the resin before using. When you stir it in practice the process breaks the beads, thereby severly reducing performance of the application right from the start. Finally, due to the spheres to resin ratio, it will become apparent after application that the product is weak in terms of adhesion and durability.


These competitors have the audacity to even market themselves as "The same as SUPER THERM ... only cheaper"... if you want real comparisons, results, and feedback from different customer's that have tried these products in the past, please contact us for more information.

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The bitterness of 'Poor Quality' remains long after the sweetness of 'Low Price' is forgotten...
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Dont be blinded by cheaper copycat products on the market today!
Superior Products UK launches its new website!
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Superior Products UK is proud to introduce you to their new website... www.specoating.co.uk
Superior Products Europe is keen to announce that it has a new distributor in GREECE!
Sunday, March 1, 2015
With their strong network & years of valued experience they have very quickly become a valued member of our group. Please welcome Timothy Sofoulis and his team by contacting them via our Distributors Page.