Omega Fire™

OMEGA FIRE builds extra fire safety into virtually any structure. As a ceramic-loaded, water-borne fireproofing coating, OMEGA FIRE stays intact above 1100°C and has a 2-3 hour fire rating.

OMEGA FIRE is unique to the industry. It is not fragile and, because of the specialized ceramics, it will continue to insulate against extreme heat migration during a direct or indirect fire. Whatever the surface, OMEGA FIRE is able to offer extreme heat insulation through any substrate coated and it is designed to stay intact with constant adhesion above 1100°C.

OMEGA FIRE will set hard and hold constant for the duration of the fire.

  • OMEGA FIRE is durable in that it does not flake like conventional fireproofing materials
  • OMEGA FIRE maintains flexibility at the adhesion point to prevent delamination when substrate moves during fire or experiences impact during a fire
  • OMEGA FIRE is humidity and water resistant
  • OMEGA FIRE fights mould, mildew, and condensation
  • OMEGA FIRE is extremely flexible and can expand/contract with substrates without cracking or peeling
  • OMEGA FIRE is water-based, non-toxic, wet/dry, during/after exposure to fire
  • OMEGA FIRE requires only 250-400 mils DFT (6 to 10mm) to provide fire protection
  • OMEGA FIRE is lead and chromate free

OMEGA FIRE is an extremely versatile high temperature insulation and fire protection coating that offers itself to uses across all industrial, commercial and residential boundaries. The fact that it is easy to apply, water based, nontoxic and remains flexible until used, makes this coating a promising choice for those with high temperature, insulation and fire protection needs.

OMEGA FIRE is a unique blend of eight different ceramic compounds chosen out of over 6 years of research and 1000’s of compounds that combine and work together to form a heat block against extreme heat migration.

How does it work

Since the coating surface will come in direct contact with flame, a char enhancer was added to form a small char on the surface. This is not an intumescent coating, but instead, a pliable film that reacts to flame. When the char forms, it brings the ceramics up and into the char to allow the char to be tough and remain in place during actual fire conditions.

Superior Products International has been experimenting with and developing the uses of “insulation and fire protection" ceramics for over 10 years. This category of ceramic functionality is new to the engineering fields. Only in recent years has the idea of insulation been associated with this new breed of ceramics. The exceptional qualities of these ceramics have been proven in a number of tests:

  • OMEGA FIRE has exceeded 3 hours FIRE RESISTANCE RATING in the ASTM E-119 (timetemperature curve) structural steel fire test
  • OMEGA FIRE has exceeded 2 hours FIRE RESISTANCE RATING in the UL 1709 structural steel fire test.
  • Using the combination of HOT PIPE COATING and OMEGA FIRE, a 7-hour rating was achieved on a support beam inside the furnace at 1100°C
Further information

OMEGA FIRE is a pliable film that reacts to flame and due to its unique qualities offers itself to uses across all industrial, commercial and residential boundaries. OMEGA FIRE is water-based, non-toxic, wet/dry, during/after exposure to fire. For more information please read:


OMEGA FIRE has been successfully tried and tested throughout the world and has received numerous certificates to substantiate its effectiveness and reliability. For further information and documents regarding these different test results please contact us.

Please contact us for examples of references which show the type of application, solution and markets in which OMEGA FIRE has successfully been applied.