Aqua Lodge

  • Markets:Housing & Renovation, Shipping & Transport, Warehouse & Buildings
  • Country:Guadeloupe
  • Courtesy of: Superior Products France
Project Description

Aqua Lodge has completely self-sufficient boat houses in Guadeloupe. The boat lodges are 80m² and built to accommodate 4-6 people. The lodges are eco-friendly as they are run on solar energy and emit no pollutants. Due to the location of the boat houses and the need to keep the electricity to a minimum the owners were looking for a way to decrease the effects of the solar heat.

Coating Solution

Standard application of SUPER THERM was done after cleaning – 2 layers by roll (400μ WFT / 250μ DFT).


After application of SUPER THERM, with an ambient temperature of 30.1°C a reading of 42.7°C was taken on the untreated surface while the reading on the SUPER THERM surface was 30.3°C.

Products we used

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