Pemex Oil

  • Markets:Energy & Mining, Industry & Manufacturing
  • Country:Gulf of Mexico
  • Courtesy of:Superior Products Mexico
Project Description

There was a need to conserve energy and prevent corrosion under insulation of an Ingersoll Rand gas compressor on one of the off-shore platforms. Furthermore, an important aspect of the project was to reduce operating temperatures (170°C to 60°C & 220°C to 60°C) in order to prevent the staff from being exposed to unacceptable temperatures. The application needed to be done while the equipment remained fully in operation.

Coating Solution
  • With the use of Graco equipment the HOT PIPE COATING was applied by spray with a thickness of approximately 24mm-20mm wet to be between 18mm-15mm dry.
  • RUST GRIP was then applied with a thickness of 8 mils wet to get to 4 mils dry.
  • Finally ENAMO GRIP was applied with a thickness of approximately of 10 mils wet to get 5 mils dry.
Products we used

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