• Markets:Farming & Agriculture
  • Country:USA
  • Courtesy of:Superior Products International
Project Description

A 74.320 m² roof for a tobacco warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Company had extremely high energy costs due to air-conditioning that was needed to cool the facility, which had a black EPDM roof.

Coating Solution

One layer of 10 dry mils (250 µ) of SUPER THERM on top of existing membrane.


Summary of official results submitted in report.

  1. Roof temperature black EPDM roof uncoated is 190,8°F (88,2°C)
  2. Temperature on underside uncoated surface is 103°F (39,4°C)
  3. Roof temperature black EPDM membrane coated with SUPERTHERM is 121°F (49,4°C)
  4. Temperature on underside coated surface is 95°F (35°C)
  5. Uncoated surface allows 7,85 BTU/HR/SQ.FT (24,75 W/m²) to enter the building
  6. Coated surface allows 2,33 BTU/HR/ SQ.FT (7,35 W/m²) = 70,32% reduction
  7. Difference of 5,52 BTU/HR/ SQ.FT (17,40 W/m²) for the 800.000ft² roof reflects in 4.416.000 BTU/HR (1.294 KW/hr) or 368 Tons equipment savings.
  8. Uncoated roof load is 6.468.277 CFM/ SQ.FT over 800.000 SQ.FT.
  9. Coated roof load is 3.374.318 CFM/ SQ.FT over 800.000 SQ.FT. = 47,8% savings
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