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Project Description


There was a need for roof insulation at a warehouse complex. The refrigeration chamber required a reflective coating to reduce the amount of inflow of heat from solar radiation during the warm period of the year. Objective was to improve the energy efficiency in compliance with № 261-FZ "On energy saving and energy efficiency ...". Furthermore the condensing units operating at maximum capacity continually resulted in premature failure of the equipment and the intention was to reduce this phenomenon as much as possible.


Originally the roofing coating was a plain white paint, which after a period of use was almost completely destroyed by weather factors and no longer served its purpose.


Coating Solution


After applying a primer, SUPER THERM was applied at a thickness of 0.25mm.




Thermal engineering measurements were taken after coating with SUPER THERM.


  • The state of the sky: cloudy
  • Time during the day: the second half of the day, about 15.00;
  • Ambient temperature: 30°C
  • Humidity: 54%
  • Wind: north-west 3 m/s


Measurements of surface temperature were carried out using the ‘contact’ and ‘contactless’ method with pyrometer TESTO 845 at a rate of 0.97 radiation, ambient parameters - TESTO 606-2.


The results

  • Ambient temperature = 30,3°C
  • The temperature of surface without SUPER THERM (contact method) = 41,2°C
  • The temperature of surface without SUPER THERM (contactless method) = 44,4°C
  • The temperature of surface with SUPER THERM (contact method) = 31,1°C
  • The temperature of surface with SUPER THERM (contactless method) = 31,3°C

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