• Client:Confidential
  • Markets:Energy & Mining
  • Country:Indonesia
  • Courtesy of: Superior Products Netherlands
Project Description

Customer faced various problems at one of their gas pipeline locations in Indonesia. Because of condensation and lack of maintenance, the gas pipeline was affected by severe corrosion problems. They could not stop operation of the pipelines for maintenance, and the repairs had to be completed while the pipelines were in operation and were wet on the surface. The site was also located at a remote area where structural maintenance was expensive and not a real option. The total length of the pipeline was approximately 700kms.

Coating Solution

Clean all surfaces, coat with MOIST METAL GRIP and overcoat with ENAMO GRIP in safety yellow color as top layer. MOIST METAL GRIP will displace the moisture, attach on the surface, and stop further corrosion problems. ENAMO GRIP will give a smooth and durable finish in safety yellow color, which prevents moisture, sunlight, and dirt from affecting the surface. This coating system guarantees a maintenance-free, durable solution which can resist all surface threatening influences.


After application, all treated surfaces were smooth, free of rust and dirt and appeared as if they were new. The corrosion process was stopped and surfaces are nolonger being affected by sunlight, dirt and humidity. Pipeline remained fully operational during coating process and operations were never affected.

Products we used

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