Private Home

  • Markets:Housing & Renovation
  • Country:USA
  • Courtesy of:Superior Products International
Project Description

“This 2,000ft² family-house in Flagstaff, Arizona is constructed from six recycled shipping containers and includes 2 loft bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 office/studios, storage room, and a green-house/solarium. It received an award from the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program in 2010.

The inside walls and floor are insulated with closed-cell foam, and the ceilings with recycled denim. The exterior is coated with Super Therm ceramic coating, which reflects heat and cold, helps prevent condensation, and provides a durable finish.”

Coating Solution

SUPER THERM was applied to container units to be used as accommodation. Application was done using the standard 400µ WFT/250µ DFT application thickness.

Products we used

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