• Markets:Energy & Mining
  • Country:Off-Shore
  • Courtesy of:Superior Products International
Project Description

HOT PIPE COATING was applied on two glycol exchangers on an off-shore site in the Gulf of Mexico to provide thermal insulation and prevent CUI. Insulation removal and recoating was necessary to resolve Priority 2 inspection finding resulting from CUI under foam glass insulation. The 165°C surface temperature would require 5 day shutdown to strip, water-blast, and recoat-> alternative means to recoat and re-insulate while online were sought out.

Coating Solution


  • HOT PIPE COATING w/ GTX 2000 hopper, 2-4 mm tip
  • Applied HOT PIPE COATING ~700 mils wet, dried to ~500 mils
  • Moisture content after 24 hrs <1%
Products we used

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