• Markets:Energy & Mining
  • Courtesy of: Superior Products Netherlands
Project Description

To prevent corrosion and condensation problems, the installation was treated with an insulation and protective coating system, consisting of RUST GRIP, HOT SURFACE COATING and ENDUROOF.

Coating Solution
  • RUST GRIP as protective layer, rust inhibitor and primer (150-200 mu)
  • HOT SURFACE COATING as an insulative layer (10 mm)
  • ENDUROOF as a protective top coat for the HOT SURFACE COATING (1.2 – 1,5 mm)
  • ENDURO TOP-E for (UV) protection and colored in desired RAL colors 7035 and 5024

Both objects were completely sanded before applying first coat of RUST GRIP. Two layers of RUST GRIP were applied with a total DFT thickness of 150 microns. While RUST GRIP was still tacky, first layer of HOT SURFACE COATING was applied. Finally, the HOT SURFACE COATING surface was smoothened by stuccoing and sanding before ENDUROOF was applied. After two layers of ENDUROOF of 750g/m², the final protective topcoat TOP-E was applied to give the total system extra strength and resistance to weathering.

Products we used

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