• Markets:Energy & Mining
  • Country:Russia
  • Courtesy of:Superior Products Vostok
Project Description

Insulation of a part of a boiler pipe line of a petro chemical plant in order to: 

  • reduce the amount of heat energy lost
  • to prevent corrosion under insulation
  • increase energy efficiency
  • ensure the safety of personnel from burns

The pipeline is located in an unheated environment, industrial, aggressive.

Coating Solution

Application of HOT SURFACE COATING 7mm thick.


The material is able to protect personnel from burns even when applied in a layer of 1-1.5 mm.

Thermal engineering measurements after application of coating: 

  • The temperature directly on the bare surface ; between 130°C – 155°C.
  • Ambient temperature 22°C
  • The surface temperature after insulation; between 30°C – 75°C
Products we used

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