The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic


  • Markets:Industry & Manufacturing
  • Country:Azerbaijan
Project Description

An Oil Separator suffered from C.U.I and customer needed to replace insulation and prevent further damage. In addition they looking to save energy and give personal protection. The tank surface temperature is +/- 150°C and is located outside in heavy industrial area.

Coating Solution

Old cladding and fiber insulation were removed and loose corrosion hand tool cleaned. 2 heavy coats (125 – 150 µ WFT) RUST GRIP® were applied. 1st coat to encapsulate remaining corrosion and 2nd also to glue 1st thin coat HOT PIPE COATING™. Consequently the next layers were build up till the desired thickness of 12 mm HOT PIPE COATING™ was achived. Finally, for sealing and weathering protection, ENDUROOF in 2 different layers was applied.


Customer decided after 2 years to proceed with the next oil separators.

Products we used

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