Endu Products

Superior Products Europe offers a wide range of highly elastic, durable polyurethane membranes that have proven to be reliable products for more than 30 years. Unlike our competitors, each of our products are specifically designed to address a particular problem with regards to water, mould, corrosion, wear & tear, or chemicals. We don’t just offer a product, we offer a complete solution.

Through advanced technology and continued testing our products are fine-tuned to your particular needs. Furthermore, our products have specific characteristics that address the unique conditions and environments that your project is faced with. We take into consideration numerous factors such as:

  • Anti-slip
  • Specific colour requirements
  • Chemical splashes
  • Abrasion & tear resistant
  • Need for “solvent-free” or non-toxic
  • Working temperatures
  • Need for easy-cleaning
  • Dust-free
  • UV resistance
  • Shortness of curing time
  • Horizontal vs vertical applications
  • Sealing of joints and corners
  • Suitability for contact with foods
  • Etc…

Whatever the problem, whatever the surface, whatever the environment … we have a solution for you in our range of products. From airplanes to swimming pools, from drinking water to sewage tanks, from bridges to fish farms, we are ready to work with you to address your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us to make sure we prescribe the right solution for you.

Our range of ENDU PRODUCTS are specifically designed as sealants with a focus on waterproofing, corrosion, and protection against wear and tear. The wide selection of 1 and 2 part polyurethane coatings are each designed in their own right to address various unique application environments, allowing us to meet the growing demand of our customers that demand sustainable and effective products.

For further assistance in finding the ideal solution for your problem please contact us.

Please find below a few selected references from our Global Database intended to show the type of application, solution and markets in which our different ENDU PRODUCTS have successfully been applied: