Enamo Grip

ENAMO GRIP is an enamel protective coating to be used as a top coat for almost any surface in even the toughest environments. ENAMO GRIP will demonstrate unsurpassed semi-gloss retention, colour-retention, graffiti-resistance, and chalk resistance, when utilized for exterior coating situations, and will provide outstanding resistance to water and humidity, stains, chemicals, and solvents, as well as tremendous scuff-, mar-, and impact-resistance.

What solution does this offer you?
  • ENAMO GRIP protects against UV, wear, weathering, and moisture penetration
  • ENAMO GRIP seals against moisture/gases and protect against acid/solvent contact
  • ENAMO GRIP can be used as a top coat for pipes, tanks, vehicles, equipment and facilities
  • ENAMO GRIP can be used as a top coat over RUST GRIP when a specific colour is needed
  • ENAMO GRIP can be applied over SUPER THERM to give the best possible protection for a substrate, or to protect against water ponding
  • ENAMO GRIP CLEAR high gloss version can be used as anti-graffiti protection for almost all surfaces
  • ENAMO GRIP can be used to give a smooth, even finish to vehicles and equipment
  • ENAMO GRIP can be used for flooring, especially when combined with anti-slip elements
  • ENAMO GRIP is a self-levelling application
  • ENAMO GRIP is easily applied to steel, aluminium, concrete or wood
  • ENAMO GRIP gives a glossy, smooth-finished surface appearance
  • ENAMO GRIP can be applied as a clear coat, or can be tinted to any colour desired
  • ENAMO GRIP is extremely tough and makes an excellent floor coating
  • ENAMO GRIP is resistant to hail damage and similar abuses that create opportunities for rust and corrosion
  • ENAMO GRIP has exceptional graffiti-resistance. Applied and cured, ENAMO GRIP can resist the permanent damage of vandalism.
  • ENAMO GRIP is submergible – water resistant
  • ENAMO GRIP offers 20+ year lifespan on roofing under normal conditions

ENAMO GRIP is a tough, moisture curing, two-component polyurethane enamel, which produces a uniquely hard and durable coating film. The formula of resins will self-level into a beautiful, evenly spread, gloss finish (no brush marks). Even though the coated area looks glossy, the surface is not slippery, even when wet.

The overall toughness, durability, and weather resistance of ENAMO GRIP’s polyurethane enamels, make it the ideal choice for demanding product applications and for architectural maintenance situations that require the utmost in exterior durability.

Further information

ENAMO GRIP is an enamel protective coating to be used as a top-coating for almost any surface in even the toughest environments. ENAMO GRIP will cover previous coatings if they are fully adhered to the surface. For more information please read:


Note: There are several formulas of ENAMO GRIP, including formulas for underwater use, colour matching, chemical resistance and underwater hull application to prevent the attachment of barnacles, seaweed and algae. For updated SDS and more information please contact us.