Super Therm®

With its unique combination of ceramic compounds SUPER THERM has proven to be the most effective, long-lasting ceramic heat repellant coating available on the market today. SUPER THERM is a water-borne  coating that is specifically designed to block heat-load, moisture-penetration, and air-infiltration on virtually any type of surface.

Having been tried and tested in extreme circumstances all over the world, it is unrivalled in terms of its ability to actually block heat – no other alternative paints, coatings can compete!

What solution does this offer you?

As a flexible “breathing” membrane, SUPER THERM is a durable, water resistant, non-yellowing coating that provides flexibility against the stresses of contraction and expansion, all in an easy-to-use, single-component, environmentally friendly solution.

  • SUPER THERM drastically reduces the energy consumption required from your cooling/heating unit by keeping the heat out during summer
  • SUPER THERM can replace 15-20 cm of traditional insulation in some conditions
  • SUPER THERM blocks moisture and air infiltration – certified and tested as a moisture and air barrier under ASTM-certified testing
  • SUPER THERM can prolong the lifespan of your material and equipment for up to 20 years
  • SUPER THERM prevents the development of mould, mildew and wood rot

SUPER THERM is a pioneer in thermal coating – it’s a whole new approach to genuinely and effectively solving an age-old problem!

  • SUPER THERM can be used on virtually any surface
  • SUPER THERM is UV and weather resistant
  • SUPER THERM is water based, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • SUPER THERM is a single component ready-to-use and easy-to-apply coating
  • SUPER THERM, when applied, is only a 0.254mm thick
  • SUPER THERM has a Class A0 Fire Rating
  • SUPER THERM is mould and mildew resistant
  • SUPER THERM is a Cool Roof product

Unlike traditional insulation materials, which slow down the transfer of conductive heat, SUPER THERM is designed to block the initial heat load by reflecting 95% of the sun’s energy away from the surface before it can physically be absorbed. SUPER THERM simply does not “accept” the heat as its highly-advanced combination of ceramic particles do not have the required density to absorb and hold the heat.

Logically, if heat cannot be absorbed then it cannot be transferred – thus literally revolutionizing the way we think about insulation!

SUPER THERM is able to reflect an incredible 95% of the sun’s energy because it is the only product on the market today that effectively addresses all three modes of solar heat transfer: ultraviolet, visual light and infrared rays. (Learn more about: the three modes of heat transfer and the effects of SUPER THERM).

How does it work

SUPER THERM is a water-based product which harmonizes a unique combination of highly effective aliphatic urethanes, elastomeric acrylics, and resin additives to produce a tough yet flexible coating.

SUPER THERM contains 4 strategically selected ceramics – two of the ceramics are reflective, one acts as a non-conductor and the fourth blocks the IR-rays. You will not find another product that can genuinely verify that it repels radiated heat, reflects convected heat and resists conducted heat.

The ceramics used in SUPER THERM’s blend are not the rough multifaceted types as the ones found in other coatings, but have been refined and tailored to form microscopic spheres. The spherical quality allows the different ceramics to settle very tightly together preventing air to settle between the ceramics.

In short, the ceramics provide insulating effectiveness through uniformity, the resins provide outstanding flexibility, durability, and heat-resistance, and the urethane acts as a proven moisture barrier (along with being UV-resistant). This combination results in a coating that can reflect heat and withstand the elements for a number of decades.

  • SUPER THERM is NOT a white reflective coating which works based on glass hollow spheres. White reflective coatings are only capable of reflecting the visual light heat, and they are only effective in doing this when they are clean.
  • SUPER THERM is NOT a typical insulation which works based on its ability to slow-down or resist the transfer of conductive heat. SUPER THERM actually prevents the heat from ever being absorbed in the first place.
Further information

SUPER THERM is a water-based, environmentally friendly single component coating. SUPER THERM can be used as a coating for indoors or outdoors. SUPER THERM can be used to block the heat out or to save the heat in. SUPER THERM can be used as a top coating, intermediate coating or under coating. For more information please read:


For an overview of Tests and Certificates please read:


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SUPER THERM is proven to be the most effective and longest lasting ceramic insulation coating on the market today. Please find below a few selected references from our Global Database intended to show the type of application, solution and markets in which SUPER THERM has successfully been applied: